One Thousand Gifts, The Joy Dare - 1000 Gifts for 2012

The Joy Dare – Count 1000 Gifts in 2012

“No man can live happily who regards himself alone; who turns everything to his own advantage.You must live for others if you wish to live for yourself.” ~ Seneca

Here’s the next installment of “One Thousand Gifts“.

1. My husband standing in line and ordering my drink while I get to save the seats

2. Cool sunny days

3. Finding clothing I need in a size smaller than I expected

4. Paying the car off early

5. Train engineers blowing their horns in greeting

6. Returning a child’s wave

7. Getting a hug from a child

8. Taking communion with my family

9. New years

10. The anticipations of good things to come

11. Knowing that my son has incredible potential in his studies and seeing the positive fruits of his labor

12. Anticipating the changes that are going to happen in my husband’s and my relationship as our son prepares to enter adulthood and life after high school

13. Learning something that makes an impact on my life

14. Jesus’ sacrifice for my soul and the sprinkling of his blood on God’s altar to atone for my sins

15. Lazy vacations with no plans

16. New Year’s eve parties with good friends

17. Starting the new year at church worshiping a magnificent Savior

18. Tying up lose ends

19. Meeting new people

20. Downsizing

21. Jalapeño mac & cheese

22.Napping on a Sunday afternoon

23. Listening to a fabulous message at church

24. Basil and cream cheese omelets

25. Fingernails that don’t break


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