One Thousand Gifts

Multitudes on Monday: One Thousand Gifts #8

“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought;
and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.”
~G.K. Chesterton

Here’s the next installment of “One Thousand Gifts“.

176. A pain-free day

177. Running into a friend at the store

178. Finding a little raccoon

179. Getting a great picture

180. Receiving a dozen roses for our anniversary

181. A birthday present

182. Getting 2 brand new pretty scarves at a thrift store

183. Laughter

184. A romantic dinner with my husband

185. A great black & white movie

186. A news story that shows good stuff happening

187. Late night drinks outside with my husband

188. Seeing the joy of a dog going for a ride in a car

189. Sharing a friend’s joy

190. Getting an unexpected birthday gift from my best friend

191. A blessing you know came directly from God

192. Powerful worship

193. Music that fills my soul with joy

194. Forgiveness

195. Visiting the kitties at the pet store

196. Receiving gratitude from a client I’ve assisted

197. Reading “Happy Anniversary” messages from my Facebook friends

198. Reading “Happy Birthday” messages from my Facebook friends (those days are only 1 day apart!)

199. Getting a message from a reader that was thankful for reading a post that they needed to see that day

200. Knowing someone donated to a wonderful cause in my honor instead of receiving a gift


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