One Thousand Gifts

Multitudes on Monday: One Thousand Gifts #7

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”
~William Arthur Ward

Here’s the next installment of “One Thousand Gifts“.

151. New free Kindle books

152. Watching 2 dolphins jumping and frolicking in the bay

153. A really good night’s sleep

154. Having the blessing of long-term disability insurance on top of sick pay

155. Getting “the picture”

156. Having a car to get around in regardless of it’s look

157. Finding butterfly eggs

158. Finding a bird’s nest

159. Watching Charlie Brown holiday specials with my 17-year old son

160. After-Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches with my parents

161. Saturday night movie night with my husband and son

162. The hug I get every Wednesday night at church from a little friend

163. Hearing a song that makes me cry

164. Snow days

165. Warm sunshine in the spring

166. Seeing the first crocus in spring

167. A good cup of coffee after a large dinner with friends

168. A cold glass of water on a hot day

169. Thanksgiving dinner with family

170. Giving an unexpected gift

171. Receiving an unexpected gift

172. Entering into a wonderful time of worship

173. Observing someone’s kindness to another

174. Finding a whole bunch of kind words or birthday greetings on my Facebook page

175. Seeing a field of wild flowers


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