One Thousand Gifts

Multitudes on Monday: One Thousand Gifts #6

“Joy is a heart full and a mind purified by gratitude.”
~ Marietta McCarty

Here’s the next installment of “One Thousand Gifts“.

126. A baby’s giggle

127. My son’s belly laugh

128. A quiet house

129. 5 tuition payments left

130. Thinking about my son’s independence as an adult

131. Actually being right about something

132. Winter in Florida

133. Summer in Maine

134. Cool sheets at night

135. A warm man to keep my bed warm in the winter

136. Making s’mores with my family in the backyard

137. Being able to pay someone’s toll

138. Getting a card in the mail

139. Having the ability to buy hockey tickets for my son’s first game

140. A new dress

141. Painted toe nails

142. Pretty finger nails

143. A freshly cut and colored hairstyle

144. A really good blog post

145. A compliment from a stranger when I’m really having a bad day

146. A compliment from my husband

147. A knowing smile from my husband across a crowded room

148. Drinks with friends

149. The anticipation of something really great

150. A surprise visit from my cousin who I haven’t seen in 6 years


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