One Thousand Gifts

Multitudes on Monday: One Thousand Gifts #5

Here’s the next installment of “One Thousand Gifts“.

101. Listening to a cat purr

102. My coworker Ann’s Vietnamese egg rolls and chicken & rice soup

103. A hug from my son

104. Reading a book in front of a fireplace

105. Clean sheets

106. Sailing

107. Having a really great teacher

108. Watching music videos from the 80’s

109. Eating a slice of cheese pizza from a real pizzeria

110. Turning 40

111. A really good picture of myself

112. Autumn leaves

113. Lunch with an old friend

114. The smell of a wood fire on a cold day

115. A great steak

116. Holding hands with my husband while riding in the car

117. New clothes

118. Watching a butterfly emerge from a cocoon

119. Seeing the Easter lilies come up in the spring

120. Finding a coupon for a restaurant you had already decided to go to

121. Getting a letter in the mail

122. Seeing the first Kingfisher of the autumn

123. Seeing the first Robin in the spring

124. Watching two bald eagles doing their courtship flight

125. Mittens


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