Faith, Never Beyond

Never Beyond: The Hail Mary Pass

The People of the Second Chance’s newest poster is out and it deals with the latest college football scandal and the “winningest” coach’s tainted legacy.  Joe Paterno’s legacy, 45 years in college football, is soiled forever in the history books.  But because of one decision, does that erase all of his accomplishments?  Do steroids erase the feats of A-Rod or Sammy Sosa?  Does performance enhancing supplements erase the accomplishments of Olympian Marion Jones or Tour de France cyclist Floyd Landis?  Do infidelity erase the brilliant golf career of Tiger Woods?  Gambling Pete Rose’s baseball triumphs?  Or murder, football player, and actor O.J. Simpson’s notoriety?

Now, let’s think of us.  Does our overeating, binging and purging, little white lies, speeding, pilfering office supplies, and harsh words to people erase any of our past accomplishments?  Do those behaviors make us the people we are inside?  Does one thing that we do ruin everything we’ve ever done?

In the law of reaping and sowing, if we sow something good, we will reap something good and vis versa.  And if we sow something bad or evil, we will reap something bad or evil.  I’ve always told my son that I would never stop loving him no matter what he did.  If he killed someone, I would still love him.  It wouldn’t change my love for him.  Isn’t it comforting to know that we have a loving Father that feels the same way about us?  Having a gracious, loving God does not mean that He’s going to save us from the consequences of our decisions, but it does mean that because of His grace, He’s going to continue to love us and give us another chance.

How about we take a page from our Heavenly Father and learn to give others a second chance?

God says in Isaiah 43:25, “I—yes, I alone—will blot out your sins for my own sake and will never think of them again.”


6 thoughts on “Never Beyond: The Hail Mary Pass”

    1. I really feel for JoePa, because he did accomplish a great thing in the college sports realm, but his name will forever be sullied by this tragedy. No, one thing doesn’t ruin who we are, but the media likes to make it so. Thank God that He gives us many second chances! Thanks for stopping by, Amy.


  1. Especially with all the news reports circulating and the new developements that seem to come out every day… this is so important. It’s crucial to remember that we are all broken like JoePa and need a second chance.


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