One Thousand Gifts

Multitudes on Monday: One Thousand Gifts #2

Here’s the next installment of “One Thousand Gifts""“.

21.  Winning a contest

22. Listening to the ocean waves on rocks

23. Unexpected gifts

24. Beach glass

25. Watching a sunrise

26. Watching a sunset with my husband and son

27. Seeing a huge orange moon rise in October

28. Finding a pretty rock

29. Winning a court case

30. Forced rest due to illness

31. Receiving an “I love you mommy” text from my son

32. Having a job that I love doing

33. Going on a road trip to nowhere with my husband and son

34. Reading a book that’s too good to put down

35. Finding a “life bird”

36. Hearing a song on the radio that brings back a great memory

37. Watching a “feel good” movie over and over again (like Matilda)

38. Cuddling with my husband

39. Putting a Lego toy together

40. Playing a pinball machine and getting a free game

41. Seeing dolphins jump out of the water

42. Finding something important that you thought was lost forever

43. Petting a cat that’s sitting on your lap

44. Watching your child make a great tackle in a football game

45. Seeing your dream car drive by

46. Overhearing someone say something really lovely about you

47. The first day you can open your windows and sleep without the air conditioning on

48. Getting a friend request on Facebook

49. Having a great conversation with my son

50. Making a new friend


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