One Thousand Gifts

Multitudes on Mondays: One Thousand Gifts #1

I’m starting a new post on Mondays called “One Thousand Gifts” inspired by Ann Voskamp‘s book of the same name.  I’ll be listing 1,000 gifts in my life every Monday.  Today I’m starting with some of the easy ones.  🙂

  1. My salvation in Jesus Christ
  2. My husband Scott Sandmeyer
  3. My son Tim
  4. My Mom Jan & Dad Walt
  5. My Papa Harold
  6. The family that I was blessed to know before they died
  7. My best friend Kathy
  8. My in laws Elaine & Tim
  9. My Aunt Sandy, Uncle Rick, Aunt Joyce, and Aunt Connie
  10. My cousins Bobby, Jenni, Stacey, Laurie, Katie, Margie, and Jennifer
  11. My sister-in-law Lorraine and niece Kathryn
  12. My brother-in-law Mark and his wife Dianne
  13. My godparents Ray & Bev
  14. My “god brothers” Jeff & Brett, their wives and kids
  15. My friend very dear friends
  16. My church family at Countryside Christian Center
  17. Watching 1000+ kids during Hell Night and seeing about 50% come to salvation in Jesus
  18. Quiet time reading a book
  19. Getting flowers for no reason
  20. Puppy breath

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