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Never Beyond: Mr Jaws

The People of a Second Chance have posted the next poster in their 25-poster series Never Beyond.

My husband is a wonderful guy.  He has more integrity than most people I know.  He feels strongly about doing a great job at whatever he’s doing.  So, when there was a potential problem on his job involving a questionably stable individual and a gun, he did what he was trained to do.  He called his boss, who wasn’t available and relayed the situation to his boss’ secretary.  She called the boss and relayed what she thought she heard from my husband.

My husband is a lover of the language and feels strongly about using the correct words.  Except his words weren’t relayed properly.  Instructions given back to my husband were to call the local police and advise them of the situation.  When the boss found out that the situation was a “might be” instead of a “is” occurring, he advised my husband to call off the cops.  The situation that transpired wasn’t pretty.  My husband almost lost his job and suffered other punishments that he never deserved.

This turned my husband’s (and my) world upside-down.  The turmoil that was going on during this time was horrible!!!  I can’t put enough exclamation points on that sentence to show you how our lives were.  My husband was attacked (by Mr. Jaws?) out of nowhere.  His reputation was and continues to be sterling.

This situation could have put Scott into a severe depression.  If he has been in another place in his life, he might have quit or done something else without thinking through the consequences.  But God…

My husband drew closer to the Lord and started a change that was amazing.  He began praying for the individuals involved.  He prayed for them to come to the knowledge of the Lord.  He prayed for blessings over their lives.  He immersed himself in God’s Word.  He found comfort in Psalm 91.  We could never have imagined that what had happened would turn out to be a blessing down the road.  My husband’s employer gave him a second chance.  But the people involved received a second chance from my husband.  And God gave him a second chance to draw closer to Him.

For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.  Jeremiah 29:11

When I saw the picture of Jaws, this song came to mind.


9 thoughts on “Never Beyond: Mr Jaws”

  1. Sandy,
    What a testimony!! Your husband allowed God to work through him and heal the wound and pray for others!! Wonderful! There is nothing as powerful as forgiveness & restoration. Don’t you just love POTSC!! I love being a part of them.


    1. I really do love POTSC, Erin! I love that it makes me think every time I read one of their posts and it reminds me to be merciful, just as our wonderful Father is. My husband is definitely a better man than I because I still get just a little upset every time I talk about this situation that occurred in 8/2009! It feels like it was just last year. But, I’m healing. Thanks for reading!


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