Stop Human Trafficking of the Orphans at the Son of God Orphanage in Haiti

Thanks to Feeding Children Everywhere for the picture!

I was catching up on the 27 blog posts delivered to my inbox last night and I ran across this post We Need Your Voice to Stop Child Trafficking in Haiti by Jeff Goins.  I know my oldest friends know that I went to Haiti twice when I was in high school.  Over 3 summers, I traveled and sang with the New Directions.  Two of those summers, in 1983 and 1984, I went to Haiti for 2 weeks each time.  We spent our time there singing, visiting the children’s tuberculosis hospital, and other organizations.  I spent a lot of time cuddling children.  I came home from Haiti and my heart held a special place for the Haitian people.  They gave up their food to throw us a huge banquet.  They gave up their grass mat beds for us to sleep on.  It was a very humbling experience.

So went I continued to read Jeff’s post, it directed me to read A Call to Close the Son of God Orphanage by Seth Barnes.  Seth and Jeff suggested we get this information out to everyone we could, so that the child trafficking going on out of the orphanage as well as the gross neglect of the children could be exposed.

I beg of you to please share this post and the posts of my fellow bloggers with anyone you can and especially with those that are in the media.  Post it on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and where ever else you social network.  Use the hashtags #cnnfreedom, #endslavery & #not_for_sale when you tweet the posts.  Please sign the petitions linked below.

  1. Sign the original petition urging CNN to expose abuse & trafficking at Son of God Orphanage in Carrefour, Haiti
  2. Sign the follow-up petition calling on Haitian President Michel Martelly and global leaders to close Son of God Orphanage and order an immediate investigation of the IBESR

If you are a blogger, please share this information in your circle of influence.  Anything you can do to bring this darkness into the light would be most appreciative.

 He uncovers mysteries hidden in darkness; he brings light to the deepest gloom. – Job 12:22

10/24/2011 UPDATE:  46 SOG Orphans Disappear by Seth Barnes

10/22/2011 UPDATE:  Haiti Orphanage, Trauma & the Critics by Seth Barnes

10/21/2011 UPDATE:  Haitian Orphanage Closed Due to ‘Horrific’ Conditions – MSNBC


10/19/2011 UPDATE:  Update on Haiti Orphanage & Signs of Hope by Seth Barnes

10/19/2011 UPDATE:  On the Verge of a Breakthrough in Haiti by Seth Barnes

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