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Never Beyond: Questioning Beliefs

People of the Second Chance’s next poster has been revealed.  I would have never figured out who it was unless I read the post first.  Mel Gibson has issues.  Ranting and raving about all sorts of silly stuff along with his drunken rampages.  I want to focus on Pat Roberton.

This week, Pat decided to let the world know that it was ok to divorce your spouse if they had Alzheimer’s disease.  He seems to forget our marriage vows “for better or for worse” and “in sickness and in health”.  Sometimes the man drives me crazy.  When he speaks, he becomes the mouthpiece for every Christian and we become painted with the same crazy brush by the atheists.  I found a site that has lots of stupid stuff he’s said.  He said that Haiti deserved to be destroyed by the earthquake it endured because they made a pact with the devil.  And while it’s true that Haiti has in fact done that, no one deserves to be destroyed by an earthquake.

Someone made a remark on Facebook that said that they didn’t question Robertson’s Christianity because they didn’t know what was in his heart.  I have to say that I agree with that.  Do I question his sanity?  Absolutely, yes!  But can I question his heart, his motives?  No, I really can’t.  Robertson doesn’t have to answer to me.  He’ll have to answer to God for what he said.  I believe that God will not be happy with some of the silliness.

Honestly, we have all been poor witnesses for the Gospel.  We do things that aren’t very Christian.  We’re dishonest when we get more change back from the store.  We justify it by the high prices the store charges.  We steal music, movies, games, and other technology through the internet, but we justify it in our own minds.  We speed.  We tell “little white lies” to try to save someone’s feelings.  We’ll have to answer to God for that just like Pat Robertson.

The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.  Proverbs 18:21 


10 thoughts on “Never Beyond: Questioning Beliefs”

  1. Interesting right-turn here Sandy.

    Important topic though.

    I heard Bishop Jakes say when we had the chance to attend the Potter’s House this past January that we are all full of contradictions, Christians and non. We get a pretty bad wrap about being hypocrites. Truth is…we are! But our hypocritical selves are actually made from the same clay as the rest of the world. It is Jesus that makes a difference. And who slowly guides us to consistency.

    Frustrating though, nonetheless.

    Good thing the Holy Spirit reveals Jesus, and not PR … (or you! … or me!)


    1. You are so right, Caleb. We are hypocrites. It’s just that I hate being colored with someone else’s hypocrisy. I hate one person’s stupid stuff reflecting on me as if I said it. But I imagine my family hates it when I do things that make them look bad too. 😦


  2. None of us are perfect. We all mess up somewhere, in lifestyle, in belief, and sometimes in theology. And as you say, we answer to God, not to man. This is both a comfort and frightening. Men are judgmental by nature, but at least they don’t know the “deep us”, the “secret us”, our hearts. God knows that. But at the same time, we have Christ’s sacrifice, and God’s grace upon us. Praise God!

    Great post!


  3. Ah, Pat… your mouth overfloweth. Sandy, you are so right. We have all been bad witnesses for the Gospel. What hurts me is not how my bad witness has affected people who only saw tiny parts, but how my best friend – a nonbeliever – has seen a life full of horrific disobedience, all while I have claimed Christ. It has definitely shaded her ideas about Christianity and I know I have to answer for that. I am so glad that I don’t get in front of a TV camera to share my sillyness with the greater public.


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