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Never Beyond – Even Darth Vader Was Forgiven

They’re at it again.  People of the Second Chance (POTSC) released the third poster in a 25-poster series and this week’s culprit  is unmistakable.

I’ve been known to be an eternal optimist.  A Pollyanna even.  I wear the badge proudly.  In “Star Wars“, Luke Skywalker, once he’d dealt with the crushing blow from the evil Darth Vader that he was, in fact, Luke’s father, he began the plan to redeem his father.  You see, Luke knew that his father, who appeared to be beyond redemption, was capable of being returned to the former life he’d once lived.  I don’t think I’m spoiling the end of the story for anyone when I say that Darth Vader saw that blood was thicker than water and he saved his son’s life from the brink of death even at the risk of losing his own.  Luke then rescues his dying father from an unsafe situation and removes the mask that separated them in life. Ok, enough of this.  I digress…

There are a lot of bad guys out there; real and on the big screen.  When we hold unforgiveness for a villain in our heart, we are the only ones suffering.  When Jesus was teaching his disciples to pray, he told them to pray like this…

Matthew 6:12 – …and forgive us our sins, as we have forgiven those who sin against us.


14 thoughts on “Never Beyond – Even Darth Vader Was Forgiven”

  1. Forgiveness, I feel is something we all have to deal with at some point in our lives at some level. Some wounds are deeper than others and that’s not so easy to do. It’s the forgetting I have problems with.


  2. I agree with your last statement about not forgiving and how it ultimately hurts you more than anything. We can’t carry around that burden and we were never meant to carry it. I have definitely learned that lesson in my own life. Forgiveness is such a freeing act. It doesn’t make any easier but the bonds that are broken make it so worth it. Thanks for your post!


    1. I agree about forgiveness being a freeing act. I heard a teacher say that not forgiving someone after they’ve died is like the dead person still holding on to them from the grave. Shocking that people allow it to happen, but very understandable. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. “When we hold unforgiveness for a villain in our heart, we are the only ones suffering.” I think this is a quote I need to write down somewhere, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, it was a great post! I used to be the sort of person who held a lot of grudges, and when I finally let go of them it benefitted me the most (a lot of the times the other person had forgotten or didn’t even know I was holding the grudge in the first place)!

    It’s great to keep in mind.


  4. The reality of being forgiven as we forgive, is a very hard one to swallow. Lucky for us, that was before the new covenant, and we have since received the ultimate gift, mercy and grace, and thus we are forgiven more than we will ever be able to forgive.

    Great post.


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