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Never Beyond a Second Chance

Who do you think deserves a second chance?

People of the Second Chance is doing a 25-poster series about people who seem to be unforgivable.  I think you should head on over to see it.  You can follow them on Twitter @POTSC also.

When my blogging friend, Dustin, posted this poster, he asked who the reader thought deserved forgiveness and I went over to say “Casey Anthony”.  I already wrote a post about that:  Forgiveness.  I didn’t even realize that the picture was of her!

I quote that famous Joyce Meyer quote, “Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and having the other person die.”

Who are we to put limits on forgiveness when God’s grace is limitless?!


12 thoughts on “Never Beyond a Second Chance”

    1. Amberr, you’re human and, of course, it’s difficult to forgive. Even if she did kill her own child, which is horrific to even imagine, we can’t hold that unforgiveness and bitterness towards her. It doesn’t do you any good and she isn’t punished by it. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!


  1. TY for the post. What a good reminder about forgiveness. I have not done some of the things others have done, but, in God’s eyes, my sins are just as filthy and just as forgiven. Forgiving is tough sometimes because we are thinking with our human selves. I will have to remind myself of eternity. (I didn’t realize who was on the poster until you mentioned it.)


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