I’m Going Back To School With My Husband

Today God answered me in a BIG way about.  Dr. Ron Cottle spoke today at Countryside Christian Center as part of the kick-off for Christian Life School of Theology (CLST)starting back up again on our campus.Last week I posted that I was asking God for an answer by today.  But, I didn’t just want a sign, I asked for a billboard.  I was still thinking that God wanted me to go to school with Scott.  I mean, how can we work together in ministry if I’m not up to speed with him?  The only person that knew what I was thinking was my mother, who guessed pretty quickly.  Scott had asked the men’s group at church pray for me when they met on Monday night, but I didn’t know what his specific prayer was until this afternoon.  Scott had been praying that whatever it was that I was asking for answers for that we’d be doing it together.  Our friend, Paul, told Scott that he felt that we would be in ministry together.

Dr. Cottle’s message was out of Mark 10:46-52, about blind Bartimaeus and the four lessons that Dr. Cottle learned from him.

  1. Don’t wait for the perfect conditions…they never come;
  2. Concentrate on what you’ve got, not on what you’ve not;
  3. Don’t let others get your down, because they will; and
  4. Desperation always gets God’s attention.

These points answered all of my concerns about returning to school, finances, and leaving Tim.

So, after church today, Scott and I pre-registered for CLST and the very first blessing we received was that there is a couple’s discount for tuition.  God is good!  After the first year of study, we’ll have a Diploma of Theology and after two years, an Associate of Theology.  We’re just starting to discuss how far we want to go with it and where it will lead us.  We need pray a lot and seek God on His desire for our future together, but whatever is coming is better than anything we could ever imagine or desire!

4 thoughts on “I’m Going Back To School With My Husband”

  1. >Thank you so much! I hear I take after my namesake. 🙂 It's pretty exciting to be able to preach the Gospel to people and to live the purpose that God has for me. The best part is that I get to do it with my husband! I am so blessed!!!


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