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No Bully Zone!!!

My online friend, Jonathan Pearson, wrote the blog post Why Don’t We Do Something? based on this Time Magazine article The Bullying of Seth Walsh: Requiem for a Small-Town Boy.  There’s been a lot of talk about bullies this week.  Heck, there’s been a lot of talk this month.  With kids and teens killing themselves because the worlds telling them that they’re not good enough or normal enough, it’s been pretty tragic.  I’ve even heard stories from my junior high and high school classmates.  People I had no clue that were being bullied.  Luckily, I dealt with my bullying issues when the kids started in on my son, Tim.  I’m posting my response to Jonathan’s blog post here.

I think it’s a lot easier to look back at these incidents as adults and ask these questions.  I had friends when I was growing up, I had parents who cared, but my friends didn’t stick up for me and I begged my parents not to get involved.  So, the bullying continued for 2 or 3 years.  It wasn’t fun, it wasn’t pleasant, and I had to throw a punch once to defend myself.  But the words didn’t get easier to hear nor did the small physical confrontations in the halls and stairs stop.  I think they finally got tired of using me as their plaything.  I don’t know why it stopped.  My mom, bless her heart, did get involved once or twice.

I can only tell you that I was furious when my son was picked on in school.  It brought back all those memories.  I called the principal and didn’t care what my son wanted, but because it was the last day of school before a 2 week Christmas vacation, I’m sure my concerns were brushed under the rug at the Christian school we paid to teach my child.

I think when parents stop feeling like they’re better than whatever group of people and they stop teaching their kids that they are better than other people, the bullying will stop.  Louis VanAmstel of Dancing With The Stars fame said that if we stopped labeling people, then the bullying would stop.  I finally realized that God loves everyone.  He loves the gay and straight, the pastor and the pornographer, the housewife and the hooker.  We ALL are sinners.  We ALL share that label.  God is no respecter of position in this world.  We ALL need to get over ourselves and grow up and start loving our neighbors.  Because we all all neighbors in this world.


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