5 Things You Don’t Really Need To Know

So, I was reading a fellow-Tweeter’s (Jonathan Pearson) blog and he had this same post. I already told him that I was going to steal his idea and do my own post. So, here goes…

1. I dislike shopping: I don’t think I was there the day that God handed out the shopping gene to all the other women. I especially dislike shopping for myself, which I think has to do with not being able to shop in “regular” stores. It’s an issue. If I’m buying things for other people, sometimes I enjoy it more. If the store is really crowded, like our Super Walmart, I would rather be stabbed with a toothpick in the neck many times!

2. I am an INTJ: Yes, you read correctly. I am in introvert. Now, anyone who knows me at least a little bit will be surprised by this. I am loud, I like to talk, and I talk to other people in grocery lines. But, every time I take this test I score this way. I think that it has to do with the fact that I like to work alone on my own projects. I don’t mind being a team player with a small group of trusted people, but really, I’m an independent.

3. I am addicted to reading. I am never without a book in my purse or in my car. Sometimes I have one in each place. I like to read fiction about relationships along the lines of authors Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb and Debbie Macomber, but since pursuing my relationship with Jesus more, in the last 2 years I’ve been known to read a non-fiction book. I have read hundreds and hundreds to books and I keep track of every book I read on Goodreads.

4. I can not sit in my office without music on. I listed to internet radio, especially Air1 and 88.3 The Rock. I have moved away from secular radio more and more over the last six years. I used to faithfully listen to a Hardcore Christian Rock station out of Phoenix, but it’s off of the internet now. I have the radio on all day from the moment I wake up, while I’m getting ready, in the car, in my office, and on the way home. I thrive on good music.

5. I really love people and my heart aches to help others. I’ve done missionary work when I was in high school. I traveled with a Christian group for three summers, traveling the eastern seacoast and to Haiti twice. It was so rewarding. I had intended to return to Haiti after college, but God put my husband in my life right before graduation. I really hope to return some day. So, today I work with my church, work with those I have contact with, and with my clients, hoping to make the world just a little better.


May I also add...?

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