Tubing Down the Rainbow River


Scott, Tim, and I took the 2 hour road trip up to Dunnellon’s KP Hole where we went tubing the 3.5 mile/4 hour trip down the Rainbow River. We had a great time and got fried. We were one of three parties on the river; a wonderful thing since it’s summer, but most of the schools are still in session. We saw swallow-tailed kites, red-tailed and red-shouldered hawks, wood ducks, feeding otters, an alligator, and an anhinga rookery with young chicks in the nest. It was a lot of fun; a good family time. We endured some sprinkles and some thunder, but nothing like 3 years ago when we had horrible lightning, thunder, and rain with no escape off of the water. We did discover a new place to stop and eat lunch out of the river; we did get out to eat, but our legs were like jelly and we were unsteady on our feet. We are looking forward to another trip down another river, but we have some new ideas about what type of flotation devices we want to invest in.


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