Blessings Abound

Scott and I had lunch yesterday with two of our pastors, who are married to each other. I knew that the female pastor was going to talk to me about setting up our Women’s Ministry on Facebook so that we can have contact with as many of our women as possible. What I didn’t expect was what the major thing was that they asked us about.

Scott and I have been members of our church for 3 years. We love where we worship! This year we were nominated to become deacons. We feel that this is quite an honor and graciously accepted the nomination. Right before that nomination, I had finally decided to get very involved with the Women’s Ministry. All of a sudden, the deacon nomination comes, and now this…

The pastors asked us if we would take over the teaching of the Fresh Start class. This class is for people who have just made a decision for salvation or are new in the church. It’s 6 or 8 weeks long and is a continuing class. We said that we would love to do the class. Scott is such a great teacher and it’s something that he loves doing. I told him that I would certainly contribute, but that I would handle the “housekeeping” duties required such as registration, offerings, and phone calls. I think that it’s going to be a great thing.


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