my daVinci hysterectomy experience

I had my daVinci on 6/12/09 after a day of bowel prep. I arrived at the hospital at 6:30AM, got all checked in and IV’d up. I went down to OR waiting at 8:30AM and was there until 11:30AM. The doc must have been tied up with another case. I remember going into the OR, scooting onto the operating table, and taking 3 breathes in the mask. Then nothing…

At 2:30PM the doc went to my DH and mom to tell her that it was much worse inside with the endo. Apparently, an endometrioma burst open and adhesed my organs to one another. She had to go into my bladder to make sure the ureters were cleared because they were stuck to something. My left ovary was stuck to my uterus. She said she had to go level by level to unstick things. She spent twice as long on my surgery than she had expected to. If I had agreed to the exploratory surgery, I would have had to have a second surgery to do the hysterectomy.

I made it into my room at 5PM and saw my family for a short time before they went home. I had a private room because the floor used to be a pediatric unit. I had a gorgeous view of the Clearwater intracoastal waterway. It was beautiful! I used the PCA pain pump with morphine until about 7:30PM and then I was only on toradol. I had a liquid diet at about 6:30PM. Boy, beef consumme never tasted so good. The nurses came in at 7PM, 9PM, 11PM, 2AM to take the catheter out, 4AM so I could pee, 5AM for blood work, 6AM. You can never get any sleep there. I listened to a ambient music station that they had on the TV. It was peaceful.

I got to order my own breakfast, so I had french toast, yogurt, and strawberries. I had been drinking the mint tea for some time. I drank tons of water. I also took the gas-x a few times. I got to order my lunch and had mac and cheese, broccoli, a mozzarella/tomato salad, and raspberry sorbet. The doc came in at noon and we talked about the surgery. She released me and I was out of there by 1PM. I did not put my bra on, although I am large chested. I couldn’t see trying to get it on with the incisions. The ride home was ok, but the side-to-side movement was uncomfortable.

I came home, got on Facebook to update friends/family and collapsed on the couch. I slept on an off all evening there. I did sleep in my own bed, but laying flat was difficult. I had to roll over every hour or so. While Scott & Tim are at church this AM, I took a shower and washed my hair. I felt so much better. My DH doesn’t want me to do anything, but doesn’t understand I have to get up and move around anyway. I’m just glad to be home and recovering. I take ibuprofen every once in a while for the pulling and occasional light fevers. I’ll have to wait about 6 months before the doc can put me on estrogen because of the endo. But she sent me home with a RX for progesterone, which I will fill, and percoset/Motrin which I will not fill. I have had bad experiences with percoset and I can buy OTC ibuprofen instead. My only complaint is that my uvula is swollen about 2-3 times bigger than usual because I was intubated. It’s very distressing that it’s sitting on the back of my tongue. Otherwise, I am not sorry that I’ve had the surgery. It’s been such a blessing and prevented further problems in the future.


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