Last Day of Work until 7/13/2009

Today is the last day of work before my hysterectomy. I’m staying home tomorrow to do my bowel prep for surgery. I have to take laxatives and this terrible magnesium citrate drink. This is make me run VERY QUICKLY to the bathroom many, many times tomorrow. But, this is all in the name of the hysterectomy! Hurray!!

I am in the final hours to get things together to either take to the hospital or have for when I get home. I wanted to re-color my hair before I go, too. I need to get a “cough pillow” to hold on my incisions when I cough, sneeze or laugh. I have 4 Nora Robert’s movies from Lifetime recorded in April on the DVR to watch while I’m home. I got a bunch of books to read and hope to catch up on the stack.

So, those of you that are reading this, say a prayer for me on Friday if you think about me. Thanks!


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