So it’s been pretty crazy lately. Last Thursday, I graduated as a Certified Public Manager through Florida State. While I was at the 3-day program, my Mother texted me to say that my Papa Harold’s wife, Ann, had died. We had known that she wasn’t doing well and it was expected. I had already spoken to her and told her that I was going with her when she flew to Oklahoma for the funeral. I wanted to see my Papa Harold (my Mother’s biological father) alive rather than being upset when he died that I didn’t get to see him. It’s been over 21 years since I’ve seen him and 31 years since I’ve been to Oklahoma. So, I came home from school on Thursday and flew to Oklahoma with my Mom. I got to meet not only my own family members, but Ann’s family too. They were a great bunch of people! I got to spend some time hearing stories about my Papa Harold, my Mom, and the rest of the family. It was a great time! I was able to sing a song to both opening (Amazing Grace) and closing (The Old Rugged Cross) songs. It was a challenge because the minister from the Church of God and they don’t believe in using instruments. I sang both songs, 4 verses each acapella and alone. I got many compliments on my effort from family and friends of my step-Grandmother. On Saturday, after the funeral, I called the airlines to see if they could get us home on Monday rather than Tuesday because Hurricane Gustav was supposed to hit Houston, TX, right where our layover was scheduled. We got everything changed and even got a $40 reimbursement! I intend to take the information that I learned from visiting the cemetery to beef-up the family tree that I’m working on through

I’ve been in touch with my friend Kathy for just over a month now. She contacted me through her daughter’s MySpace account. We either talk, email or text daily. It has been like a piece of me was returned after being lost for years. I can’t even put into words the way I feel after resuming our relationship after 19½ years. I know that I’m blessed by having her in my life.


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