Basking in the Glow of My Son’s Purple Mohawk

Friday night my son informed me that he wanted a Mohawk and he wanted to dye his hair. I told him that I didn’t have an issue with it, but that his father had the final say and it MUST be cut off for his mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Well, my husband said yes to the new coif and we sent Tim to the barber on Saturday morning.

Kim, the barber, asked Tim if he had our permission to cut his hair. He came home all nicely shaved. He and I traveled up to the beauty supply store to buy green hair dye. I ended up buying a color stripper to bleach Tim’s hair and he had to settle for purple dye, because there was no green.

I’ve now become a hair stylist. I did really well stripping the color from Tim’s hair and the blonde was gorgeous, but I continued coiffing until there was purple hair.

I did call my Mother to warn her of the changes. I just did it one change at a time. Mohawk, color change, PURPLE! We decided not to tell my Dad because we wanted to see his face. Everyone has been very positive about the change. Most of the older people think that he’s rebelling, but then I say I did the color. How can I complain about his hair when I look at mine. And, if this is the worse thing he ever does, then I’m a truly blessed woman.

1 thought on “Basking in the Glow of My Son’s Purple Mohawk”

  1. Way to go, Mom! 100 or more years ago, when I was a teen, my mom was so great about loving me while tolerating my outlandish hairdoo changes. Looking back on it now, I still feel like she was the only one who got me back then. She died 8 years ago, and I miss her so. But it’s these small gestures of love & acceptance that remain in my memory. My mom was ALL about love.Your son is lucky. Enjoy these moments together!


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