Who Am I?

Where do we get our faulty self-perception?  Was it from our parents, siblings, classmates, the public?  We must remember that there are very few women who look like what we perceive of as the ideal woman, yet we continue to try to look like or emulate her.  We think we will never be good enough or that we’ll never measure up.  We continue to look for our value in the outside world by exercising ourselves to death, starving ourselves, living lifestyles that don’t satisfy, and do things that the world tells us we have to do to be ideal.

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Saturday Six on Monday (or better late than never)

Saturday6Logo11I’m writing with Patrick’s Place for Saturday Six.  I am two days late…sue me!

1. P is for PAEDOTROPHY: Do you think your parents did a better or worse job of raising you compared to how well their parents raised them?

I can say with 100% certainty that my parents raised me better than their parents raised them.  Their families had dysfunction along with added addiction involved.  None of that in our home.  My family might put the fun in dysfunctional, but we’re pretty normal on the outside.

mom and dad

Dad & Mom

2. P is for PANCAKES: How often do you have pancakes for breakfast, and what’s your favorite flavor of syrup?

I rarely have pancakes for breakfast, but have them for dinner sometimes when we go out.  Our Easter tradition is blueberry pancakes for dinner.  I love real maple syrup, not that corn syrupying stuff they sell with a syrup label in the stores.


3. P is for PARADE: What was the last parade you remember attending?

I’m not sure when I attended a parade last, but I grew up in Connecticut and we had parades for the 4th of July and Memorial Day.  It was an event we never missed.  I even marched when I was in Brownies and Girl Scouts.

photo: Stratford Patch

4. P is for PEN: What’s the price of the most expensive pen you’ve ever purchased?

I have never purchased a non-disposable pen for myself.  I buy them in packages in the grocery or office supply store.

5. P is for PILL: On a normal day, how many pills do you take (including medication, vitamins and supplements)?

I take 3 medications, 1 allergy pill, multi-vitamin/mineral, calcium with Vitamin D, Vitamin D, 3 fiber pills, 2 St John’s Wort, and I think that’s all.  So, 12 pills in all.  Jeepers!

6. P is for POWER: Do you have any power backups in your home in case the lights go out?

Yes, we have candles for power backup.  Who needs power?

Oh, oh, oh

Saturday6Logo11Happy Saturday, friends!  Today, as I do every Saturday, am playing with Patrick’s Place for Saturday Six.  We are doing words that start with the letter “O”.

1. O is for OBELISOLYCHNY: What’s the closest lighthouse to your home. Have you ever been inside?

I have no clue where the closest lighthouse is to me.  Silly, since I live in the Gulf of Mexico.  I have visited the lighthouse at Sanibel Island and St Augustine as well as Egmont Key.  Come to thing of it, Egmont Key would be the closest, but it’s only accessible by boat.  The island that it’s on it overrun with Gopher Tortoises.

2. O is for OBLIVESCENCE: Do you feel yourself forgetting phone numbers if they’re in your cell phone?

I definitely do feel like I’m forgetting phone numbers.  I have no clue what my son’s phone number is because it’s saved in my cell phone.  I don’t know what my dad’s number is or my parent’s home phone number it.  I have no need to remember numbers because they’re all saved in my cell phone.

3. O is for OCTAD: What is something you’ve purchased in multiples of eight?

Ha, ha!  I’ve purchased toilet paper in multiples of eight.  They come 8 to a package for some of the smaller packages.

4. O is for OENOPHILE: Do you prefer red wine or white wine? What’s your favorite type?

I like red or white wine, but they have to be sweeter.  I like Copper Ridge White Zinfandel, but I can only get it at restaurants because it’s not for public sale.  I’m fond of Riesling, White Zinfandel, Pinot Grigio, Chenin Blanc, and Vouvray.

5. O is for OMELET: What ingredients are required to make your favorite kind of omelet?

I personally make an awesome basil-cream cheese omelet.  I like cheddar cheese, onions, and mushrooms in my omelet.  I like caramelized onions in an omelet.  I enjoy making omelets for my husband, who is my guinea pig when I make a new omelet.

6. O is for ONEIROCRITICISM: Do you ever feel you’ve gained insight or received a needed answer to a question from interpreting a dream?

I’ve never felt like I gained insight or received an answer from a dream, but I have had felt like I’ve been somewhere or done something that I had previously dreamed about.

Why Forgiveness is Imperative

I never realized that I held unforgiveness against someone.  I was 22 years old and it really was a silly interaction between me and a well-known woman in the world of social services where I was starting my career.  There was a group of us social services people at a table to brainstorm or talk about a particular topic when I made a comment about my growing up with a certain group of people.

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Nosy neighbours never negotiate

Saturday6Logo11I’m writing with Patrick’s Place for Saturday Six.  We’re on the letter ‘N’.

1. N is for NAEVUS: Do you have a birthmark? If so, and you can share in mixed company, where is it located?

I do have a birthmark.  It’s on the outside of my right thigh.  It’s a brown, perfectly round birthmark.  My best friend growing up had one on the inside of the thigh just like mine.

2. N is for NATATORIUM: Do you own a swimming pool? If not, have you always wished you did?

I have never lived in a home with a swimming pool, but I have lived in apartment complexes with them.  We have a pool at our apartment now, but I still haven’t been there in the year we’ve been here.  I’m grateful we’ve never had to take care of a pool or had to deal with the cost.


3. N is for NEIGHBOR: Of your immediate neighbors, what percentage of them do you know by name?

I don’t know the name of any of my neighbors except for my parents and one neighbor, Dean, who is very gregarious.  It’s just easier not to get to know them because they move or they are so loud that we have to report them.

4. N is for NERVOUS: How nervous do you tend to get? Do you stress out easily?

It depends on what I’m doing.  If I’m speaking to a group or singing in front of them, then I get pretty nervous.  There are times that I get stressed out because someone won’t listen to me or try to hear what I’m saying or I have too much on my plate.

5. N is for NOTES: When you want to take notes about something, do you prefer to write them on paper or type them electronically?

I prefer to write my notes the good old fashioned way…on paper, but I tend not to go back and re-read them.  Writing them is a way to help me remember what I was listening too.

6. N is for NOVEL: What’s the name of the last novel you finished reading?

The last novel I finished reading was book two of a trilogy by Nora Roberts.  It was called Shadow Spell.